VETUS Marine Engines

Most pleasure boat owners long for the moment they can set foot aboard. Work is forgotten and other worries vanish into the air. That sense of happiness is complete, when the engine comes to life with a healthy roar. The owner of a power or sailing boat with a VETUS engine is in a position to enjoy every moment on the water to the max, and that is the way it should be! Whether you own a sturdy two cylinder with sail drive or a whispering six cylinder beauty, a VETUS Diesel Engine will be your faithful servant. To complement each marine engine in the range, VETUS also offers a well-thought-out complete package of “around the engine” products; from the engine remote control to the fuel filter to the propeller shaft to the exhaust system.

All VETUS engines are certified according ISO 8178-1.

  • M-Line series for many types of boats; launches, sailing yachts, canal boats and small cabin cruisers
  • H-Line series for cabin boats, small fishing boats and larger canal boats
  • F-Line range of modern high-speed common-rail diesel engines for planing and semi-planing speed boats
  • D-Line common-rail engines for heavy displacement boats
VETUS engine


Hans Jensen Engineering are proud members of The British Marine Federation, you can find us listed here.

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